ExpletiveDleted (expletivedleted) wrote,

ExpDelTop100 #90 - 21 Jump Street

Another cheater entry. I already wrote up 21 Jump Street back when I saw it in the theater earlier this year. I just thought it was \m/ brilliant. Details are in that post.

The reason it made my list is because I'm always searching for that perfectly blended action comedy, and 21 Jump Street his the combo incredibly well. A lil harder on the comedy side, but the best gags are all in reference to the action. Fave scenes include the one where Nick Offerman pokes fun at the remake-ness of the film ("The people behind this lack creativity and they've run out of ideas....") to the 37 Jump Street line. It also has one of the greatest car chases sequences I have ever seen.

Again, go back to my original post for more love. I ain't gonna retype it all
Tags: expdeltop100
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