ExpletiveDleted (expletivedleted) wrote,

ExpDelTop100 #84 - Raiders of the Lost Ark

Not sure how Indy managed to sneak his way onto this list. I do love this franchise quite a lot. I think it's more the idea of Indy than anything else.

I recently went to the an all day marathon of all four movies. 9 hours in a movie theater. That's a lot, even by my standards. Half of the place cleared out before the last movie, and I don't so much blame them. I was just excited about actually being able to pay attention to the entire franchise since some details on the middle ones were a lil fuzzy for me.

Raiders is still my favorite. Really, its the entire opening sequence. The booby traps, the suspense, the intro to Indy and his quirks and methods. Brilliant. The rest of the film is pretty great too. I did write it up for the AFI Project but there isn't a whole lot of detail.

Frankly, the pain meds I'm on right now for my knee are having a weird effect on me, a strange combination of some of it workign and some of it not. My head's not in the game right now, so I'll just leave this as is. I dont really think Indy needs much more justification to be on here, yeah?

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