ExpletiveDleted (expletivedleted) wrote,

ExpDelTop100 #81 - Rounders

Apparently I didn't have enough Edward Norton movies on my favorites list. One more had to squeeze in.

I wrote this up already for the Edward Norton project. I swear, there'll be a real new write up soon.

My God, how many times did we watch this on my hall freshman year? My roommate borrowed it like every other day, and I certainly got in a bunch of viewings too. There was a time when if you walked by the lounge, there was a good chance that this was the movie that was playing. This really makes the list for the nostalgia factor.

So why did this film strike us so hard? I just think the characters are completely compelling with an incredible cast. Matt Damon, Edward Norton, John Turturro, Martin Landau, John Malkovich, Famke Janssen. All phenomenal. Gretchen Mol is the weak spot that leaves a lil to be desired, but I think it's mostly an annoying character than a bad actress.

I love the dirty underground world they inhabit. Especially when you see them at Atlantic City or at the club that Janssen's running. They have their own language and lifestyle and you just wanna be a part of it. They make you feel like you could be, even if you've never picked up a poker chip in your life. Like me.
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