ExpletiveDleted (expletivedleted) wrote,

ExpDelTop100 #73 - The Faculty, #72 - Inglorious Basterds

Really quick two-fer post since I hit these two pretty recently and thoroughly. Both came up on mini projects this year.

I talked about The Faculty for the Tarantino/Rodriguez project, since this was directed by RR. I already hit on all the points for why I love it. Its a very self-aware cheesey, which makes it fun. The soundtrack is rocking, the cast is incredible. It's sci-fi, it's silly, it's an enjoyable ride if you're not taking it seriously.

And then there's Inglorious Basterds right behind it. This one I've talked about twice in recent months. It also appeared on the Tarantino/Rodriguez project, since QT wrote and directed it. Then we saw it again for Eli Roth and his role as the Bear Jew. It's just such a clever and well executed film. The story is brilliant and unique with an impeccable cast. It's got that great Tarantino mix of tough and gritty mixed with just enough levity and sarcasm. My kinda movie. Obviously.
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