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ExpDelTop100 # 68 - Desperado

Sometimes, I'm really happy I do something for my blog because. Maybe I discover something I wouldnt otherwise have, or maybe I rediscover something I may have looked over before. In the case of the Tarantino/Rodriguez project, I gave Desperado a closer look than I had in a while. I commented last time that this movie seemed to escape my mind whenever I was on the subject of action movies. Looks like it slipped by when I previously updated my Top 100 List, but goddammit, it's on here now!

That previous post called out a lot of what I love about this movie. The bit parts, the ballroom brawl, the theme. I love the tie ins to El Mariachi, which is a more brilliant film than I had originally realized.

Just such a fun and explosive film. It simply belongs on my list.
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