ExpletiveDleted (expletivedleted) wrote,

ExpDelTop100 #30 - The Avengers

We've reached the final entry on my top list reboot. Incidentally, that makes this the highest ranking debut. For someoe who loves superheroes, I really don't have a lot of that genre on my list. With a few exceptions, they tend to be fun but flimsy. Avengers is the movie that the others wish they could be.

I covered things in pretty good detail when I previously wrote this up. I really don't think there's anything I can add. The cast is amazing. The dialogue is playful and fun (thank you Joss Whedon). The action sequences are stunning. This is how you do a superhero movie. In other words, can Joss Whedon take over for all of them?

Here's some bonus fun.
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