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James Bond: Skyfall

I could not have planned this timing better. My Skyfall BluRay arrived today, just in time for me to watch it after getting thru Quantum of Solace yesterday. When I originally started the project, I wasn't too sure how the timing'd work out. I did previously write it up after seeing it at the theater, so it wasn't a major concern.

Looking back at that previous post, it would seem that I hit most of the important points already. I dont really think there's much else I need to add. And I've got a headache that's made unhappy by this bright shiny screen.

I'd said previously that I didn't care too much for the opening credits. I completely take that back. On second watch, I really do like this one. It's so much darker than we usually see. And I'm loving those close ups of Daniel Craig's baby blues. While I do like the rock themes, bringing in Adele to try and recapture the classic Shirley Bassey-esque feel was a brilliant move.

Well that's a wrap on 007. It's been a fun ride. I am planning a couple of bonus posts, but they're prolly gonna hafta wait until early next week.


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