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The Great Gatsby

It took me a while to appreciate Baz Luhrmann. I loved Romeo + Juliet back in the day, but it took me a while to get over some of the stylistic choices. Moulin Rouge weirded me out on first viewing, and it was years before I approached it again. But as time went on and I got more in touch with my theatrical side, I came to absolutely love him. Now you're offering me a Baz Luhrmann movie in 3D? Yes please!

Now, I can't quite speak to the literary merits of the film. I sorta read the book back in high school, but don't really remember anything other than the 20s and Gatsby was a mysterious figure at the beginning. I heard a criticism that the film plays up the attitude of extravagence and opulence that the book was trying to condemn. Now I dont know anything about that (she said in a kind of Forrest Gump voice), but I do know that Luhrmann is all about style. And there was certainly style in abundance.

True, on some level, it was a lot of the same that we've seen from him before. Lavish and extreme parties (the party in R+J, the first big Moulin Rouge performance, and Gatsby's big shindigs) with a dark under current framing a forbidden love. But he does it so well.

The cast fit into it perfectly. Leonardo Dicaprio was an obvious but perfect choice for Gatsby. Proper and sophisticated, but also capable of turning into an awkward little school boy with a crush. The former being something we know and love him for, and the latter being a welcome surprise. I was also impressed with Carey Mulligan. Since her incredible performance in An Edcuation, she's had a string of miscasts. Finally, she gets to be rather stunning and spirited, completely captivating me.

Yeah so whether or not there was any substance is still unclear, but the style didn't disappoint. Sometimes that's enough

The Great Gatsby - \m/ \m/ \m/ \n
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