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AFI # 26 - Mr Smith Goes to Washington

My impressions of this film early on was that it almost made me feel like a bad American (in a good way though, if thats possible). Just the way his character was so excited about democracy in action and his love of American history really got to me. I'd always found that stuff to be rather cheesey, but Jimmy Stewart's Mr Smith sold it with such conviction. I was thinking that I need to add this to the list of movies I really need to make my future kids see (whenever it is that they come along) preferably while they're not old enough to be jaded into forgetting all the liberties we take for granted. Okay, its getting a bit weird here now. I'll just conclude this thought with some trivia I got off IMDB. American politicians hated this film because they felt it portrayed the government as too corrupt. European facist states band it for being too democratic.

But yeah I did really like this one. The characters were great, the story was compelling. I guess I sorta knew what had to happen, but I was still anxious to see exactly how it all unfolded. Not sure how much more there is to say than that.


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