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AFI # 57 - Rocky

File this one under the group of movies that makes me grateful for my AFI project. Enjoyed Rocky so much, its taking all my willpower to not go out right now and buy the boxset of all the movies. I figure I shouldnt spend on a boxset until I knock down a good percentage of my movie queue.

So why did I like it so much? First and foremost, the characters. Very much fell in love with Rocky Balboa. Such a great combination of bad assitude and heart. Tough guy with a softside, played beautifully by Sly Stallone. And as a mostly quiet, shy girl myself, I totally identified with Adrian. So of course the two of them together instantly made them a favorite movie couple for me--and I dont have many of those.

Im just so \m/ pumped after watching that. The music, the montages, the fight, everything. I dont really wanna go to sleep right now, I wanna go out and kick some ass.


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