January 30th, 2011


ExpDelTop100 #84 - Fanboys

Im so wrapped up watching this, I can't even take my eyes away to start the write up. But I must!

Gonna prolly repeat some stuff I said last time when I first saw this movie. You've been warned.

Here's another quotably good comedy, whose fun has earned itself a spot on my list. However, there's a storyline that takes it one step further than your typical loser bromance comedy. The motivation for the boys trying to sneak into Skywalker Ranch to see Episode I before its release is that one of them has a terminal illness and isnt likely to live long enough to see the film. It gives the film such heart, and to think the storyline was almost cut. Or rather, it was cut (stupid Harvey Weinstein) then fans threatened to boycott Weinstein's films and it was put back.

Remember how when we talked about Lars and the Real Girl I said that Id taken it to Thanksgiving dinner with my friends? The following year, I took Fanboys and it was an equal success. This is definitely a fun film to watch with my fellow nerds. Y'know the type, the ones who are able to answer the trivia questions the fanboys are interrogated with.

I used to think I was a Star Wars fan. Until I did Star Wars Trilogy: Musical Edition with the MIT Musical Theatre Guild and found out what being a Star Wars fan was really all about. I still have a very high appreciation for all things 'Wars, but I'll just stick to claiming Green Day as my big obsession.

Something else that I love about this film are all the 90's references and jokes (the music, Mario Kart, etc). They're almost as clever as the Star Wars jokes. But the SW ones win out because they're actually well thought out, not obvious at all. Me and a buddy I watched this with still continue to say "Chewie" instead of "shotgun" when getting in a car.

Nothing but love for the cast as well. Sam Huntington is what first put this film on my radar, and I adore him here as I always have. Actually, I prolly woulda never heard about it if that boy wasn't in this movie. The release was waaaay low key. Can't wait to watch him as a werewolf on SyFy's Being Human as soon as the DVD's are out. Jay Baruchel is another fave of mine. And the cameos are just brilliant, many from the Star Wars galaxy, others from nerdom in general. I want to badly to list some of them out, but much of the fun is in the surprise appearances.

If there's ever been a film ending I approve of, it has to be this one. I wont spoil, but the last line was beyond brilliant in handling one nagging question I did have throughout the film. Win!

ExpDelTop100 #83 - Bubble Boy

Yes, I know, another questionable choice. Believe me, I had the same thoughts when I first heard about this film, and I avoided it like the plague. It prolly shoulda ended up lower on the list, but I get such warm fuzzies thinking about how sweet and innocent Jake Gyllenhaal plays his character. Really, it was my love for him in Donnie Darko that made me first watch this.

Holy shit. That's Marley Shelton, not Heather Graham? My God, how long have I just been assuming it was Graham. I suck at this game.

I just love how sweet and fun and light this film is. Gyllenhaal truly carries this film. If it wasn't for him, it really would be the unwatchable drivel that most people would expect it to be. But you cant help but fall in love with his enthusiasm and charisma. The delivery of some of his lines is fantastic "You're not a singing group, you're a cult!" or "I wasn't planning on cutting the vato. No" His doofy smile melts me too.

A lot of it really should be offensive, but its all done with such positivity, that you really dont notice how insensitive it ultimately is. In other words, offensive humor that doesnt make you feel like a bad person for watching. Genius! Oh and there's so many different stereotypes that it attacks. Its not just the bubble thing, though that's the bulk of it. There's swings at Jews, Christians, Hindus, little people, Mexicans, rednecks...

Great soundtrack too. Was just rockin' out to Blink 182's Dammit

My other favorite character is the dad, played by John Caroll Lynch. Kinda reminds me of my parents how the Jesus Freak mom does all the talking for both of them. He just does so much with his expressions, I didnt even notice on my first viewing that he only talks in one scene.

Now to see if I can find somewhere to stream the SAG awards