July 3rd, 2011


ExpDelTop100 #17 - Forrest Gump

This should be quick. Here we have our penultimate overlap with the AFI list and I pretty much said everything I wanted to last time. I will add that this time Im watching it on BluRay. The scene in Vietnam where Forrest is running while carrying Bubba is proof that my surround sound is alive and well. Damn.

I've seen this movie countless times. Have the whole \m/ thing memorized, but watching it right now the last 20 minutes has me tearing up. That's some rare movie magic

ExpDelTop100 #16 - The Lord of the Rings

I'd started the Forrest Gump write up by saying it was the last AFI crossover, until I realized that it was directly below Lord of the Rings. Granted, the AFI list only considers FOTR. For my list, Im considering the trilogy as a unit. Im only watching one (I chose ROTK since I saw FOTR for AFI) but it really is one long continuous story, not three separate pieces.

Likely keeping this short because I already wrote it up, and Im sure you can only handle so many gushing reviews from me. And if my day goes according to plan, you can expect a couple more blog posts from me in the next few hours.

It's hard to believe that we're already reaching ten years since FOTK was released. Those movies were such a huge deal for me, and I remember just being saturated in all things LOTR. Im kinda expecting something similar when Hunger Games starts being released.

Larry Crowne

I should have learned by now. When going to a movie that's aimed at an older target audience, especially on a weekend matinee, arrive extra early. I haven't sat so many rows back in a while. But yes, Larry Crowne doesnt look like the typical flick I'd go for. Not exactly subject matter I find very relatable, nor is there any violence, offensive comedy, or singing. But what it does have is Mr Tom Hanks in the multi role of star, director, and co-writer. That, goddammit, is good enough for me.

Well, good enough for me to go. Not necessarily enough for me to enjoy it. The problem is that Hanks' title character is at a point in his life that royally sucks. His costar, Julia Roberts, is also at an equally low point. It's tough to successfully convey that type of feeling without dragging your audience down with you. Unfortunately, they kinda failed in that attempt. The majority of the film felt awkward and a little bit painful. Things did eventually pick up, but it took a while. I think Julia took the melancholy too far, and Hanks felt a little superficial. Not sure if it was the writing or the performance to blame. Either way, it makes me a sad panda.

The wins were in the supporting cast. Wilmer Valderrama was an unexpected surprise. Taraji P Hensen provided a bubbly burst of energy. Likewise Gugu Mbatha-Raw is one to keep an eye on for her fun spirit. I felt like George Takei was trying to chew scenery and ended up falling a bit short.

Overall, glad I went as it was at least different from your typical summer fare. But not the gold I would have expected from this group of Hollywood heroes.

Larry Crowne - \m/ \m/ \n

ExpDelTop100 #15 - Heathers

I've said that I like my dramas messed up, and my comedies offensive. Here's a comedy that's messed up, as dark as it can get, with dialogue as memorable and quotable as ever ("\m/ me gently with a chainsaw"). I'll let the trailer give you an idea. It's basically Mean Girls with a body count.

I am sooooo in love with Christian Slater in this movie. He is absolutely gorgeous here, not to mention charming and clever, and totally batshit insane.

I feel like I should be going on and on and on about this, but I really dont know how much else there is to say. It's just one of the most brilliant hilarious and truly effed screenplays of all time. Perfect for me! Im kinda glad that Hollywood prolly wouldnt be able to get away with this sorta stuff today so that it doesnt get \m/ with like so many of the other classic 80's flicks we love.