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February 22nd, 2017

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

John Wick left me on a bit of a Keanu Reeves kick last weekend, especially after seeing him talk Bill and Ted 3 with Graham Norton. Wait, I haven't blogged Bill and Ted's yet? Excellent!

This still kinda holds up in its way. Oh my God is the technology and graphics outdated. But the party on vibe gets me as giddy as it ever did. For such "dumb" dialog, it's so very clever. (I tell my cats to "be excellent to each other") every time I leave the house. And Bill and Ted are so completely likeable, you have to root for them, and forgive Keanu for any career missteps *cough*cough*Dracula*cough* after.

Now I wanna go listen to hair metal and rock out with my BFFF. Party on dudes!
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