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A Walk Among the Tombstones

Oh look! Liam Neeson being tough and beating people up! I've never seen this before! Oh wait. Yes I have, because that's all he ever does lately. And he's doing it again.

Granted, Tombstones is a bit more noir and mystery than butt kicking. Eh. Not a very memorable film. Sure, it's been a lil over a week since I saw it, but it shouldn't be this hard to find a topic to write about. I stuck with the film while I was watching it, but it didn't stick with me after.

Cast? Besides Neeson? No one particularly noteworthy. Plot, a little plodding and slow. Mystery? I can't recall if I figured it out or stopped caring. Oh there was a thing about a wannabe sidekick kid. He was kinda cool. But still. Eh.

A Walk Among the Tombstones - \m/ \m/
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