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Here's a Jake Gyllenhaal film that was released under the radar within the past year or two. I'd heard it was supposta be good, and I'm starting to really like him again, so here we are. Here he plays the dual roles of Adam, a history professor who is bored with his life, and Anthony, a struggling actor trying to make something of his. Adam sees Anthony in a movie and given their uncanny resemblance, he tries to track them down. THen things get weird.

Or at least they're supposed to. The movie sort of lost me. It's meant to be a thriller, but it had such a slow pace and minimal action (not that I was expecting shoot 'em up action, I mean events happening) I got bored. By the time we reached what I assume as the thrilling conclusion, I'd already fallen down the rabbit hole of Candy Crush and Fail Blog, so I really don't know how it ended.

Better luck next time, Jake
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