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AFI # 85 - A Night At the Opera

So this is the second time I've ever encountered the Marx bros. The other being Duck Soup. The short verdict is I still dont quite get 'em.

Although, thinking about it a bit more, I really just dont like Groucho. Harpo and Chico have kinda grown on me, but I find Groucho to be rather annoying. And of course, he carries most of the film, which would explain why I didnt care much for it.

It did have my attention for about the first half hour or so. Then I didnt really care so much. It sorta peaked at the state room scene. I guess I can only handle so much slapstick. We've been over this before. I like surprises, sarcasm, and sass in my comedy. Not that I expected it, but I guess I was a kinda lost cause all along, yeah?


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