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AFI # 20 - Its a Wonderful Life

Hard to believe I didnt own this movie until earlier this week, yeah? Still remember the first time seeing this. Must've been about 8th grade. Most teachers in my high school had this habit of every so often deciding they didnt wanna do anything for a few days, so they'd put on a movie for us. And given that classes were about 45 min each, it'd usually take 3 days or so to get thru one. That's how I first encountered Its a Wonderful Life. At the time, I was just excited to see that movie that the Saved By the Bell cast would always talk about before commercial breaks on tNBC, the Saturdays in December leading up to NBC's showing of the film.

I'd actually hoped to catch it while I was at home, thinking I'd rent it off Amazon as a last resort. But then it turned out that Amazon only had a digital purchase, not rental. And I think I'd originally tried ordering it from half.com from that order a few weeks back that got lost.

Anyhoo, I wanted something familiar tonight that I knew I'd enjoy since I'd gotten a bit overloaded on movies the past few days. This seemed like th reasonable choice. As many times as I've seen it by now (yes all thru high school, I'd watch it every time it was on tv. I can still hear my daddy saying "you haven't seen this already?" each year when he'd catch me), it still leaves me so giddy. Although, this isnt on my list of "I-have-to-watch-this-every-Xmas". Those would be: Muppets Christmas Carol, Elf, and Die Hard (its an Xmas movie. Trust me). Not sure that I actually managed any of 'em this year. I digress.

So why does it make my heart start happily thumping away? Its just such a good uplifting story, although it does have some pretty heavy moments leading up to it. James Stewart is phenomenal and his character is beyond classic. Yeah I know, not being very descriptive here, but Im guessing most of you have seen this and know exactly what Im \m/ talking about.

Movin' on, cause Im clearly not being productive there. Long weekend ahead. Hoping to get in another 5 this weekend, unclear if that'll happen. Plus theater trips to Wolfman and Percy Jackson. Sleepy time now


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