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Considering my love of scifi and love of the 80s, it's surprising that I don't know 80s scifi very well. I realized this the other day when I saw someone wearing a Blade Runner shirt, and it took me far too long (and a google confirmation) to definitively identify the reference. I'm more of a Terminator girl anyway.

However, I do kinda need to rethink action movies as home blog movies. I'm cool through all the drama and dialog, but once we get into the action-y sequences, the myriad of distractions in my home tend to overtake and I miss out. That's kinda what happened here.

I bought the Aliens trilogy sometime back and sort of powered through them without paying much attention. A couple years ago, I sat down with someone and more attentively rewatched the first. I attempted that for the second this past weekend. I was with it all through the set up, but couldn't focus in on the last act or so. Pity.

I do think that Ripley is one of the most badass action characters of all time. Notice I didn't say female in there, because I think she's one of the best ever, either way. Similar to Sarah Connor's rise in T2, we get to see a lot more butt kicking from Ripley here, as this would be the film that cemented her hardcore status.
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