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AFI #90 - Swing Time

I cant believe I'd never seen a Fred Astaire movie before. I mean for \m/ sake, I've been a dancer since I was three, have done some choreo for musical theater, and I obsess over DWTS. I seriously dont know how he's managed to elude me all these years.

And the dancer in me absolutely loved this movie. The rest of me just sorta spaced between dance numbers. That early one in the dance studio was phenomenal--better than anything I can expect to see on DWTS this season.

The characters were fun, but as per usual, I couldnt quite get into the romantic plot. And yes it was predictable, but I recognize that its classic.

Wow my AFI write ups are getting shorter and shorter, huh? I think part of it is that I dont feel right "reviewing" them since I dont think Im worthy of judging such classics. The home stretch is in sight. This one brings the total up to 72. I've already finished all the 70's and 80's. Im waaaay behind my originally anticpated schedule, but its all good. I've been having fun.


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