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AFI #44- The Philadelphia Story

Managed to sneak in another AFI while mom's still here (3 more days). We had our whole Sun afternoon ahead of us, so I figured it was a good opportunity...and I fell asleep halfway thru, with one cat snuggled up along one leg, and the other cat along the other. Luckily I'd seen this before.

I first had to watch The Philadelphia Story for my comedy literature class some time back. I'd mentioned it before when we came across other flicks from the class on the list (City Lights, Duck Soup). This was one that I gave me zero interest going in, and then I ended up loving it. We've established by now that screwball comedies and old rom coms just aint my bag baby. But this one is gorgeous. I really dont know what it is that draws me to it.

I'd actually been excited about rewatching it. Dont know why it took me til the end of the road to get to it.

I should write more, but again, fell asleep. And I also decided to marathon S6 of Lost this week, so Im antsy to start that.


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