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Daddy's Home 2

I missed the original the first time around. It was released during a very crowded Christmas holiday and there just wasn't enough time for all of them. My thought towards seeing the sequel was mostly "sure, why not?" A few days before the planned movie time, I realized I had a free evening and the original was on Amazon Prime. "Sure, why not?" It was a perfectly serviceable comedy, entertaining but not too special. My thoughts towards the sequel were fairly similar.

Co-daddies Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg have learned to get along and manage their dad and step dad dynamic. Now, it's Christmas, and their own daddies (John Lithgow and Mel Gibson) are getting involved.

I actually really like the core family dynamic. Ferrell, Wahlberg, and mom Linda Cardelini. There were some unexpected warm fuzzies in watching their family interact. And then the other dads came along. I adore John Lithgow (and have since his 3rd Rock days), and he played well with the rest of the cast. Total joy to watch. Then there's Mel Gibson. I could not stand him at all. Partly because he's Mel Gibson and partly because his character is so completely unlikeable. I mean, I get that tension in the film has to come from somewhere, but he was more than I could handle. Why couldn't we have just kept John Cena as the villain, who appeared in all too few scenes building on his cameo from the first film. He was fantastic and added far more value than Gibson.

The film did give me a jump on the Christmas spirit, and there were some laughs to be had, but like the original, it's not one that I expect to remain as a classic for years to come.

Daddy's Home 2 - \m/ \m/ \m/

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