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Stone, Hereafter

As I tweeted yesterday, the movie watching plan for this week is: Stone, Hereafter, Conviction, and Red. I think I went thru about a dozen different possible schedules before settling on the most time and cost efficient one. Luckily, Stone got added to the Fenway this week, so today I double featered that with Hereafter. That way I have tomorrow open for Halloween shopping with my BFF. And today's tickets earned me a freebie I can use for Red during the week, plus the AMC freebie I've been sitting on which can go towards Conviction. w00t.

I realized I never really do double features at the Fenway, which strikes me as kinda odd. You'd think with all those days I end up with nothing to do, I'd fill them by going back and forth the whole two blocks to the theater. But I guess it tends to make more sense to me to double up when I hafta go outta my way a bit. The only time I actually remember doubling at the Fenway was before I lived over here. I think it was Crank and The Illusionist, and it was my last summer movie trip of that year.

Anyhoo, so Stone started things off today. Yay Edward Norton! So happy this one actually made it to the theater. His previous one, Leaves of Grass, didnt expand wide enough before the DVD release. But you should check out the DVD because it was quite good. Had a done a write up on it, it woulda earned 4 rock hands. I digress. Stone, unfortunately, not so great.

I'll be honest. The trailer didnt particularly sell me. The only reason I went was because of Norton. Robert DeNiro was bonus points, but his movie choice of late hasn't been so hot *cough*cough*Everybody'sFine*cough* And it seems the majority of Boston had the good sense to stay away. There were 6 of us in the theater--prolly the smallest crowd I've ever seen at a weekend show, even if it was just a matinee.

The movie just didnt go anywhere. The structure was bad, pacing poor, story boring. The opening scene just lost me, I still dont quite understand its significance, and it just kept fallign from there. There were feeble attempts at character development that made no sense. I couldnt understand anyone's motives, or even what they were actually doing for that matter.

The cast was good, but the movie was just so beneath them. DeNiro is capable of soooo much better, no wonder he just phoned it in. I can see why Norton took the role. It is very different from what he's done before (arguably there's a fair amount of his American History X role, but not quite the same). And while the cornrows and accent/slang thing were a bit distracting, he did pull it off. It just seems like such a waste. Surprisingly, I did love Milla Jovovich. Her character was the type that shoulda annoyed me, but she had me under the same spell as her leading men. Makes me wonder what she coulda done with a more superior film.

Moving on. Quick break for a froyo from Ufood, a tv dinner, and an episode of Vampire Diaries, then went to Hereafter.

I had some reservations about going. Stone had been such a disappointment, and I was kinda falling asleep. I was sorta in that mood where it felt like an obligation to go to the movie, as opposed to something I wanted to do. Had I not paid for the ticket already when I bought the earlier one, I just mighta bailed. And then I walk into the theather and most of the crowd is geriatric (hence the reason I managed a less than stellar seat even though I walked in nearly 15 min early). Then it filled up with more people, and the lady next to me was annoying and couldnt shut up. But it all proved to be well worth it, because I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

I'd read a review in EW that gave just a lil too much away, so I kinda knew where things were headed. I'll try not to do the same to you. I will say there were three storylines: Matt Damon as a reluctant medium, a French chick who comes back from being dead momentarily, and a boy who loses someone close to him. Frankly, I didnt quite care about the French lady's story, but I found the other two utterly compelling. It was definitely heavy subject matter, so not the movie to pick if you want something feel good. And all of the talk of death and pain got me really missing my Daddy, then again anything I've seen in the past 7 months that remotely broaches that subject gets me thinking like that. I loved and sympathized with the characters and was just totally captivated by them.

Im trying to think of more specifics to write on it, but Im blanking. Guess that's what I get for trying to do two write ups at once when really all I wanna do is get back to The Vampire Diaries (Damon Salvatore is my new vampire obession...we all saw that coming). Jumping back for a moment, I will say that given Clint Eastwood's track record (he directed Herafter, btw, if you weren't in the know) we'll prolly hear this one's name tossed around come Oscar season, so if such things interest you, get thee to the theater.

Stone - \m/ \n
Hereafter - \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/
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