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Yogi Bear and I Love You Phillip Morris

Now for real, happy new year ya'll. To be honest, its taking all my willpower to sit here and write this now. I ran out of reasons to postpone buying Glee Karaoke Revolution and now Im itching to play it. But procrastinating the first write ups of the year is not a good way to kick off 2011, so here we are.

I had my original plan for today, then when I woke up, I went thru about a dozen other possible permutations of the plan for the next three days and ultimately decided to just stick with the original. Mostly cause I couldnt go back to sleep, so the early(ish) start plan ended up being the best. First up, was Yogi Bear 3D

Yogi Bear

I approached this one with the utmost apprehension. I LOVED Yogi Bear growing up, and I was scared he was falling the way of the Chipmunks. Two things finally made me go see this. First off, yeah I had the time and exhausted all other movie options. And then I really was intrigued to hear Justin Timberlake voice Boo Boo. And y'know, Im kinda glad I went.

As I was sitting in the theater, I was already writing in my head a whole rant about how I never notice 3D anymore and the whole depth thing doesnt do it for me. Then something jumped out from the screen at me. Then something else. And I was a happy little five year old. For the most part, the 3D was no specialer than any of the other 3D kiddie films. However, this is one of the few that actually used some of those out into the audience gags, and for that it was worth it. Before this whole wave of extra dimensions, that's what I always associated with 3D. The first few that didnt utilize that disappointed me, and now Im just jaded.

Another thing that made me happy was the father/daughter duo sitting on the other end of the row from me. She was bite sized, prolly around 5. He was telling her stories from his childhood, including how he loved Yogi Bear. Just reminded me of the kinda thing my Daddy woulda done.

Oh and there was a Wile E Coyote/Road Runner cartoon at the beginning. While that was the most pleasant of surprises, I dont know how I feel about them having been computer animated.

As for the rest of the movie, I actually did enjoy it. Yeah it was some of your typical kiddie drivel, but it wasn't phoned in or half assed like a lotta them are. It was no Pixar flick, but it beat the pants off some of the other recent crap. The voice talent was clearly having fun, and the human actors were great as well. Usually they're too over the top trying to hard, or totally dont give a crap in these type of films, but I didnt get either sense with the Yogi Bear cast. So props to them.

Im not saying this was the greatest kiddie movie of the year or anything. Not even close, by a long shot. But the whole "low expectations" going in thing really played a factor because it way surpassed those. If you find yourself in the same boat I did, with all other viable movie options exhausted (some of which had been better than others when I saw them), Yogi is worth a watch. Also worthwhile if you got munchkins. But its not somethign to go outta your way for

Yogi Bear - \m/ \m/ \m/

I really gotta rethink my rating system. Eh, its all arbitrary anyways

The next film was I Love You Phillip Morris down at Coolidge Corner. I had enough time for a mini adventure after I wandered down there. First stop was to cash in a Groupon at Paris Crepe. Oh my \m/ God I had this amazing "nutella cannoli" crepe. So rich and yummy. To the point where I'd intended to cash in another groupon at the FroYo place after the film, but I was too sugared out to do so.

Then I meant to go down to Barnes and Noble and buy a calendar, but apparently they're closed down. Wonder when that happend. So I found myself at Brookline Booksmith where I impulse bought (in the used section) Kevin Smith's diary/memoirs thing, the screenplay for Dogma, and the graphic novel for A History of Voilence. Whooops. So much for trying to save cash til payday.

I Love You Phillip Morris

Made it into the theater just in time. Finally got to see something in that last screening room there. I've seen plenty in the big auditorium, a few in the medium one, and two or three in the itty bitty room, but this was the first in the almost itty bitty room known as "the screening room". On the one hand, their small rooms are a unique intimate setting for watching a film. On the other, it almost seems like a rip off paying 10 bucks for that tiny screen and projector connected to a computer. Not complaining though.

Anyhoo, I'd been intrigued by this one for a while. Mostly because it'd been mentioned here and there on my usual entertainment news media outlets off and on for the past couple years. I cant remember what the delay was, but my love for Ewan McGregor had me outraged and dying to see this one. Very much worth the wait.

Im fairly sure we've been over this before, but little is guaranteed to make me as giddy as gay boys in love. I've been a hag since I first started secretly watching Will & Grace locked in my room back in high school. Needless to say, this film very much satisfied that side of me. As far as the boy romance goes, it was so sweet and original and the boys sold it quite well.

I continued to love Ewan McGregor as always. He was about one step away from crossing the line for too over the top stereotypical gay. Prolly just a hair further down the rainbow from Kurt Hummel, but enough for me to want to keep him in my pocket for always. I had some concerns about Jim Carey taking on a more dramatic role. At first, it seemed like he was trying to be typical Jim Carey (yet another bad haircut to boot) but eventually he fell into the character quite nicely. I did absolutely believe that he was hopelessly in love with McGregor's Phillip Morris, and the comedic background did help the whole elaborate conman thing.

The film was so quirky and funny. I had a few rare laugh out loud moments, and the lil screening room was bursting with laughter. Add in a few WT\m/ moments, and it was a great little indie gem.

I Love You Phillip Morris - \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

And now Glee Karaoke!!
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