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ExpDelTop100 #96 - Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny

Before I get to discussing this questionable entry on my list, let me first say that I cannot tell you have \m/ happy I am that Chris Colfer won at the Golden Globes last night. My BFF and I were a bit late in turning the show on since we were playing Glee Karaoke Revolution, and managed to find the channel right as the presenters for the award took the stage. When Colfer was announced as the winner, we were screaming and jumping up and down like crazy people. Now, I often get excited about award shows, but I dont think anything has ever gotten a bigger reaction out of me than just a "Woo hoo!" and a fist pump. I just absolutely adore that kid and I couldnt possibly be any more thrilled for him.

But now for the task at hand. I realize that a lot of my entries in the very bottom of list of faves are likely to draw some criticism. This is yet another of those, and it wont be the last.

So why include Pick of Destiny? Because I think its \m/ brilliant, that's why! Just like you had to be an old school Nickelodeon fan to get Good Burger, you hafta be a Tenacious D fan to get Pick of Destiny. My favorite thing about this film...its a \m/ rock musical! I think what's so genius about the D is that they are really good musicians, they just choose a more comedic path and it works fantastically well. Jack Black can sing. (For years I've been scouring the internet for clips of him as King Herod in this one night only charity performance of JCS to no avail.) If you dont believe me, just try playing Master Exploder on Rock Band. Sidebar: I think its \m/ awesome that song is included in the game.

Another thing that makes this movie so much fun is the cameos in the cast: Dave Grohl, Meat Loaf, John C Reilly, Tim Robbins, Amy Adams, Amy Poehler, Ben Stiller, Dio.

Right, so enjoy your MLK holiday. I can promise there'll be another objectionable entry coming at ya later today!
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