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ExpDelTop100 #95 - Mystery Men

Right before I started the movie, I had this brilliant idea that I should be working on the write up throughout the whole thing. That way I wouldnt inevitably blank by the time I got to it. However, putting away laundry and dinnering got in the way so by the time I really sat down to watch it, the film was halfway over.

As promised, here's another entry that's likely to meet with some skepticism, though probably not as much as some of the others. Ive adored this movie since watching it in the theater one junior high summer. That year me and a couple so-called friends were in the habit of catching movies every Thursday night. This was one of 'em. I remember wanting to bad to be The Bowler for Halloween that year, except my uber Christian parents never let me do the whole Halloween thing.

As someone who loves superheroes (Superman's my hero, for the record) I find this film brilliant. Add in the fact that I think of myself as an outsider, and it makes the characters all the more relatable. And they're all so \m/ funny too. I still quite dialogue from this one.

The cast is \m/ phenomenal: William H Macy, Janeane Garofalo, Hank Azaria, Ben Stiller, Greg Kinnear, Paul Reubens, Kel Mitchell, Geoffrey Rush, Eddie Izzard. That list alone should sell you on watching this if you never have before!

Was debating whether or not I can squish in another. I tried to set a 2 movie limit on myself this time around since I know how my attention span gets. But I'd also intended to watch Pick of Destiny last night, so Im a bit behind. And I got NYC plans this week (Zachary Quinto in Angels in America on Wed!!) which means I wont get to another til the weekend. But the next film is 2 hours and change, and Id wanna start getting read for sleepy-bye in two hours. Therefore, Glee Karaoke Revolution it is!
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