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ExpDelTop100 #92 - Beauty and the Beast

Ahh the second golden age of Disney. Those wonderful beyond reason animated musicals, released circa the early 90's. Having been born in '85, that made me the prime target for all of them. I saw each and every one in the theater. Beauty and the Beast is merely the first to make an appearance on my list.

I actually do have a vague memory of seeing it in the theater. Or at least the events surrounding it. I saw it on a field trip in first grade. I remember when we came back, we were all instructed to do a drawing of our favorite part. Mine was of Beast with all the excess curls and bows before the big ballroom scene. I included Lumiere with a speech bubble saying "You look so, so" and Beast's response "Stupid".

One of the things that is so brilliant about this era of Disney is the ability to include gags for the parents and bigger kids in the audience. "Im especially good at expectorating" comes to mind.

And the music is just fantastic. My BFF and I watched this for one of our recent "girls nights" and he and I were overenthusiastically singing every word, drunk and loud as ever.

Actually there was something we were debating at that last viewing. Why do some of the enchanted objects have faces and voices, and others dont? Just watch Be Our Guest and you'll see what Im talking about. My thought is that all of the existing objects in the castle were enchanted, but only the ones that used to be people are able to express and communicate. I know Im supposed to overlook this sort of thing and trust it as the magic of Disney, but once I catch an inconsistency like this it bothers me.

Film's nearing its end. Debating how to spend the rest of the evening. Im gonna put on something from my queue while I take care of a few things online. Then we'll see what mood Im in. I'll either go for three on the project for today, or start Fringe season 2
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