ExpletiveDleted (expletivedleted) wrote,

ExpDelTop100 #78 - Edward Scissorhands

Here's one where I really just love the idea of it more than watching the film itself. I think if I hadn't been so lazy with how I put together my list, it may not have made the cut.

But I do love the characters and the story. Tim Burton is one of my fave directors, and I love the fantastical worlds he creates. Johnny Depp is just priceless as Edward. I suppose I really could just watch him forever. Such an early tease of the quirky career he'd have over the years.

I also love Diane Wiest. While she may have better acclaim elsewhere (hell, the woman's won two Oscars), this is the film I always associate her with.

I'd never realized the dad is Alan Arkin. I was typing away on my other write up and instantly recognized his voice from his first few lines.

Before I'd ever seen this, there was a point where I'd falsely gotten the assumption that Edward Scissorhands was some type of horror movie. Maybe the image got crossed with Freddy Krueger or something. The irony there, however, is that now when I watch it, I do get some of the horror movie vibe...from their crazy ass suburbia setting. Seriously, those neighbors and their mannerisms freak me the \m/ out sometimes. *shudder*
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