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ExpDelTop100 #76 - Minority Report

Here's another one I saw that summer in LA. Our RA's just whisked us off to the movies, and I had no freakin' clue what we were gonna watch. Given that another one of their choices has made my list, I think they knew what they were doing.

On early viewings, I really only paid attention to the main storyline and chase. Subsequent viewings have let me pick up on all the details of the science and the investigation and everything else. As a result, I love it all the more. I hadnt even noticed Colin Farrell until some time later. His character grows on me more and more whenever I watch it. And not just because he's pretty, although that certainly helps!

I do remember thinking that I would totally shave my head if I meant I'd get to cling to Tom Cruise for half a movie. Say what you will about the man, I'm a fan. He's rather easy on the eyes (to say the least) and he is a good actor. Sadly, his personal life and public antics tend to get in the way and skew Hollywood's perception of him. Pity really.

Minority Report has all the elements that make up a truly enjoyable film for me: fantastic cast, great action sequences, intriguing scifi. Its not quite the formula of perfection, but its a damn good one.

Hahaha the surround sound during Anderton's escape sequence is freaking out Lestat. She's whipping her head back and forth trying to track down the source of the loudness.

Something I really love about futuristic movies is the technology. Minority Report is one of the best for that. In particular, I \m/ love the screen thing that Anderton plays with early on to track down the murder. But you've also got the cars, and the memory cards and the video players and lotsa other fun toys. Although the advertisements that refer to you by name are just creepy.

Oh man, I love this sequence right now, where Agatha is talking Anderton thru the mall. Its almost beautiful like choreography.
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