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ExpDelTop100 #73 Kick Ass

Almost skipped the movie tonight. Stayed up late last night drinking and chatting with the BFF and could barely stay awake on the T ride home. Then had a disappointing trip to Barnes and Noble where I took my time to wandering and pick out books that I'd gotten excited over, only to find out at the checkout that location wouldnt take my Groupon. So I came home and put on Mighty Ducks 3 thinking I'd just crash. But I didnt. And I think Im awake enough to watch the next film on the list.

This one here is a recent addition, which should be obvious since this film was released less than a year ago. Its one of (I think) 3 films from last year that made the list (to be revealed later), plus one that prolly should have (Dragon), and one that will likely make it after the required second viewing (Black Swan).

I dont know that I'll have much more to add to my previous entry when I saw it at the theater. In short, its a perfect Dawn movie. Action. Humor. Rockin' cast. Kickin' characters. Funny foul dialogue. Stellar soundtrack. What more could a girl ask for?

Oh I can add this. Completely unrelated to KickAss, but very much relevant to my blog. Think of it as a teaser for my pending Oscar write up.

Also, watching Kick Ass just now has inspired me to change my work wallpaper to this. I'd been meaning to switch it up.

One thing that does make the story quality is that there is a unique sense of realism to the movie. Im basing this on a discussion I had with a buddy who I ordered to go see this. He had the very valid point that Kick Ass does have a feeling of "No really, you try to do something stupid and be hero, and you will get hurt". It doesnt glorify the superhero-ness like any other superhero(ish) story typically does. There are real consequences. Kick Ass gets himself seriously injured early on (and less seriously throughout). I wont explicitly spoil what happens to Big Daddy, but I'll hint at it by saying that I cried.
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