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ExpDelTop100 #70 - The Green Mile

First of all, I just need to say that the blog is gonna slow down over the next couple of months. Reason for that is I will be directing a production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee for the MIT Musical Theatre Guild. Yay! Im beyond psyched to be directing again (finally!). But it'll be eating up a pretty hefty chunk of my movie time (a worthy trade). We still got plenty of prod staff positions available if anyone is interested. Auditions are happening next week

Reasons I love The Green Mile
-Its a damn good story. You cant help but be absorbed by it.
-This is one of the two most true to the source material movies I've ever seen. Not surprisingly, both made the list (we'll discuss the other later). There's hardly anything missing from either.
-Fantastic cast. Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan, Sam Rockwell, David Morse, Barry Pepper. I'll say it again. Fantastic.
-Great characters. I admire Edgecomb, hate Percy, empathize with John Coffey, and am amused by Wild Bill.

Worth pointing out that this was the first film where I saw Sam Rockwell. It was Choke that made him one of my favorites, but up until that I always thought of him as Wild Bill whenever I saw him in anything else.

I do remember the first viewing of this, it was at a friend's house. Nothing too special there. I also remember a subsequent viewing. One of my besties freshman year had moved to a different hall. When I could, I'd go to his room and watch movies. Pretty much every single time, I'd fall asleep a few minutes in. The Green Mile was one of the longest ones we watched during that time, and one of the few I stayed awake for.
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