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ExpDelTop100 #66 - Ocean's Eleven

I saw Rango last night and Drive Angry today. I think Im gonna be lazy and skip the write ups. I was falling asleep thru Rango. While the charcaters were cute, the rest was really dull. Drive Angry was a lotta fun. That is what a 3D movie should look like. They tried to stuff in a bit too much plot between the action scenes, but it was otherwise the sorta B movie adrenaline rush I love.

Prolly gonna be a minimal entry. I mean, c'mon, what is there really to say about Ocean's Eleven? Its one of the best loved movies of the current millennium. Also, I have a cat resting on my lap, under my arm, with her head resting over the touch pad, and her cold little nose rubbing up against my thumb with every keystroke.

I think the celeb poker scene alone is enough to have gotten this film on my list. Then you've got such a stellar cast: George, Brad, Matt to start off with.

Heist movies are a fun subgenre, but this is really at the top of that game. Seriously, this is the film that all others of that type aspire to be. But none got the clever twists, witty dialogue,or spectacular cast. Such snappy music too!

Its only the original (err original remake) that's being included on the list. I wouldnt say that the sequels ruined the first, but other than the Julia Roberts gag and a few scenes with Eddie Izzard, Twelve and Thirteen didnt contribue much to the franchise
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