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ExpDelTop100 #59 - Mission Impossible

*cue theme music*

I actually used to have the Mission Impossible theme as my main ringtone for a while. You think you scramble to reach a ringing phone as is, the tone just added to the adrenaline rush. I still jump every time I hear it.

Hi! Its been a while! Again, I blame Spelling Bee which opens in exactly three weeks (pretty much to the minute as I write this). But with the weekend comes a lack of rehearsal which gives me movie time. Last weekend I was in NYC for a few days of awesome, which is why I fell even farther behind. Totally worth it though. Took the BFF to see Mary Poppins, La Cage Aux Folles, and American Idiot. Met Harvey Fierstein and Wilson Jermaine Heredia after La Cage. Gave my final goodbyes to the Idiots (the show closes the weekend SB opens, so this was my last chance).

But back to the task at hand, Mission Impossible. I consider the first two to be represented on the list. Im pretty sure I saw 2 before 1, and I know I saw it at the theater (the original I first saw when my bio teacher decided she didnt feel like teaching one day). It was one of my first action films. Each has their merits, which makes it tough to pick which I'd consider the fave, which means that the original gets it by default.

I love the overly impossible action sequences, and the fight scenes, and the fun. Its kinda weird watching the film 15 years later (Jesus, thats a long time). Back then, the computer stuff seemed so cutting edge. Now its kinda laughable. Im sorry, but that email sequence is just silly.

But you know what's not silly? Or arguably, so silly that its \m/ classic? The CIA breakin sequence! My God, how many times has that been paraodied? The fact that that image is still instantly recognizable, and still referenced today speaks so much to the impact that this film had on the action genre.

On another note, I am completely unashamed to admit that I am indeed a Tom Cruise fan. Yes, he may be a bit of a whack job as a person, but he is a good actor. This may not show off his skill, but it does showcase his signature charm (as do pretty much all his films). Although I think that Ving Rhames is the one that steals the show for me here. And Emilio Estevez, in his limited screen time.

I think I've commented on this before, but the whole do-the-write-up-while-watching-the-movie thing tends to leave my entries without any real conclusion. Here's another one of those.
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