ExpletiveDleted (expletivedleted) wrote,

ExpDelTop100 #55 - Juno

The time says its 6:53 into the film and Im so absorbed, I can hardly look away to write this. But yeah, I cancelled rehearsal tonight since most of my cast couldnt make it anyway, thus giving me the time to watch this movie. And the words Im writing to discuss it seem so inadequate when juxtaposed with Diablo Cody's brilliant beyond brilliant word selection. It goes beyond just quotable, but the slang she invents is practically a language of its own. Anyhoo, if this write up is sparse, its because I keep getting absorbed by the awesome. Yep we're at 19:06 and that's all I gots written so far.

While the wizard words are the my fave element of the flick, the choice cast isnt too far behind. Its because of this movie that Im determined to have Ellen Paige play me in the biopic that Hollywood will one day decide to film about my life. I love that this type of film won her an Academy Award nomination (as well as the other nods it scored)

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