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ExpDelTop100 #51 - Keeping The Faith

Here's another film whose journey with me once started with a trailer I had zero interest in. First off, I dont do rom-coms. Secondly, could the premise (a priest and a rabbi fall in love with the same girl) be any more contrived? Third, exactly how romatically involved can men of the cloth get? It just didnt make sense, and I had no intention of ever seeing it.

And then Edward Norton became my favorite actor, and I had to watch every movie he was ever in (he actually directed this too!) I think its obvious that I loved this.

Let's combat the Dawn-doesnt-do-rom-coms thing. Argument 1 - are you really gonna call a Ben Stiller movie romantic? Argument 2 - Its ultimately about the friendship between the three characters. We dont even get into the romance til about halfway thru.

Having grown up with a strong religious background (Christian family, Catholic schooling), I really like that whole religious aspect to it. That's something that makes this film unique.

Then there's the cast. I do prefer Ben Stiller as realistic characters, and Rabbi Jake is such a teddy bear. Edward Norton is hilarious in a rare comedic role. He basically just plays (like the Rain Man bit). Jenna Elfman is rather bad ass for your Juliet type, very much the type of chick I aspire to be.
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