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ExpDelTop100 #46 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Before diving into the awesome that is Ferris Bueller, I just want to call your attention to THIS. That link takes you to Ferris Bueller's twitter, which has to be one of the most brilliant things I've ever encountered. I was fortunate enough to find out about it midway thru the day when it was happening. Its still pretty classic reading it all afterwards, but not nearly as exciting as it was seeing all the familiar references come up in my feed throughout the day.

This is the first of several movies from the late great John Hughes that we find on this list. That man is just such a brilliant writer. The stories are so heartfelt, with characters so relatable, and dialogue so quotable. As Im sitting here watching and hearing the dialogue, I can practically still hear one of my so-called friends from high school reciting all the lines. I've been known to throw out the occassional "Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?" even though it does bother me that quote is inaccurate. The anyone anyone?, and Buller? are two different scenes. Each line that I'm hearing is better than the last, and there's so many iconic scenes: the shower, the parade, the museum, Abe Froman Sausage King.

As much as I adore Ferris Bueller (and Matthew Broderick plays him perfectly), for me this one is all about Cameron. I suppose that's who I see more of myself in.

I wanna say that I first saw this on my anti-prom day junior year of high school, but Im not actually sure if that's correct. It would definitely have fit the spirit of the day. We refused to go to prom that year (to us, it only made sense to go as seniors), so we had a big fun day instead that included the mall, Peter Piper's (a Chuck E. Cheese wannabe), bowling, and movies. I certainly would kill to have a day like Ferris Bueller's, although I dont think I'd have the balls to go thru with half of it. Hence, the reason I'm a Cameron.
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