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ExpDelTop100 #39 Mrs Doubtfire

This movie is a prime example of why I am stuck in the 90's. Back when I was growing up, shows like Home Improvement and Full House flooded the tv stations, and films like Mrs Doubtfire ruled the box office. Wasn't that such a better time? Now, kids entertainment is all flash and no substance, meant simply to entertain and not enlighten. Hell, even right now, my family, the cats, Lestat and Nosferatu are snuggled up to me and watching. Of course, there's one on each side of me. The two dont snuggle with each other. Cooties.

When I was little, Robin Williams was one of my heroes. By this point, I think I was old enough to understand that he was the voice of the Genie in Aladdin. Then you had Mrs Doubtfire and Hook. I was so confused when The Birdcage came out, and it was rated R so I wasn't allowed to watch it. Of course, now that I'm older, I'm much more familiar with Williams' adult side and I rather love his foul mouthed sense of humor. Come to think of it, I could have written the exact same statement about Bob Saget, replacing Mrs Doubtfire and Hook with Full House and AFV.

I dont really know what it is about Mrs Doubtfire that gives me such warm fuzzies. I think its purely the nostalgia factor. I watched this over and over as a kid. My heart still breaks for the kids. I love watching it now and actually understanding a lot of the references, such as all the ones in this scene that's playing right now.

Williams isnt the only one in the cast that I love. Before I thought of him as James Bond, I'd always think of Pierce Brosnan as that d-bag Stu that the mom was dating. Although, of course, at age 7 I didnt know the term d-bag. And in fact, his character isn't entirely a d-bag, it's just perspective from Williams' character. There's also Sally Field. While she may have more famous roles, she has a place in my heart because of this. Oh and points for Harvey Fierstein, of course!

Then you've got the kids. Yeah Mara Wilson was kinda in everything at the time, but that's because she was absolutely adorable. And what girl in the 90's wasn't crushing on one of the Lawrence brothers? Of course, I started on Joey Lawrence with Blossom, but Mrs Doubtfire and Boy Meets World shifted me over to Matt Lawrence.

No, the 90's nostalgia never ends with me. If you dont believe me, ask my Spelling Bee cast. I set the show in 1996, and was totally anal about what references could and could not be used.
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