ExpletiveDleted (expletivedleted) wrote,

ExpDelTop100 #29 - Gladiator

This one slipped into the top 30 based on its reputation alone. As soon as I put it on, I realize it's not necessarily something I'd wanna watch over and over. It's a bit too lenghty and epic. But it is so \m/ badass. That's what I love about it, enough to include it high up on this list.

I really dont care for Russel Crowe. He bothers me. There's two exceptions. Gladiator and 3:10 to Yuma. There just are no words to describe his performance here. I'll let it speak for itself with a speech that transcends badassitude.

Joaquin Phoenix's performance is also pretty impressive. I'm so used to seeing him as a quiet outcast type, but here he's a pompous and whiny brat. He's the sleezy villain you love to hate.

Yeah really dont have much else to say on this one. So I'll leave you with another iconic moment of badassitude
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