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ExpDelTop100 #28 Kill Bill

While I do consider both volumes part of a whole, since it was broken up I will say that I do strongly prefer Vol 1 over Vol 2. I try to watch them both together when I can, but due to time constraints I'm only watching (and mostly commenting on) Vol 1.

If Masterminds is the movie that got me started liking action movies, this is the film that turned me into a can't-ever-\m/-get-enough action junkie. Back when it was released, it was all the hype on my hall. It was months before you could go two hours without hearing someone whistling like Elle. I'd somehow missed the memo for the group outing, but managed to go the following week. I was in awe. I know I sorta used that phrase a bit loosely around here, but I truly mean it this time. I feel I owe a lot of who I am as a movie afficionado to this film.

These were (and still are) some of the best action sequences I'd ever seen. I kinda hold this as the gold standard (red standard?) for blood. Once I saw this, unless there were buckets and sprays of it, it wasn't enough.

This movie is just so \m/ flawless. I just love Tarantino's imagination and how he was able to set it free and play. The attention to detail is fantastic. The music is perfect. The cast is brilliant.

Sorry, I realize we're reaching the point of my list where my write ups are gonna be all gushing, little substance. Have I mentioned that I think of Quentin Tarantino as a god of movie-dom?

I couldnt ever possibly choose a favorite scene: the anime action sequence, the fight scene with copperhead, the samuri sword fight in the dark, the fight with Gogo, the fight with Lucy Liu. Okay, clearly it's all about the fight scenes for me.

The other thing I love about Vol 1 is how much mystery was built up. I dont wanna say the reveals in Vol 2 were a disappointment, but pretty much nothing was gonna live up to the build up.
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