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Super 8

And now we arrive at the flick I actually saw today. Like most fans of sci-fi I was rather excited about the collaboration between JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg. Actually, it was more Abrams, which is something that makes me happy.

In short, I feel like the film was a good idea, but felt rather disjointed. It centers on some kids who are filming a zombie movie during their summer vacation, and they end up witnessing a mysterious train crash. And then, because it's a JJ Abrams film, supernatural stuff starts occuring around town. I did enjoy the monster movie set up because it gave the characters a lot more dimension, however, it created such a delay in getting to the alien thing. Then by the time we got there, the original set up no longer mattered.

What I did love were the children. Again, because of the set up, we got a deeper look at them than we would have if it was just a straight up scifi film. They were a ragtag bunch of Goonies, each with their own quirks and stories. I was particularly impressed with Elle Fanning. I expected her to be kinda annoying, but I loved her. She's not nearly as precocious as her big sis Dakota.

Unfortunately because of the disconnect between the parts of the film, that dragged the pacing down, so I was kinda checking the watch a lot towards the end. I would be interested to see what would have happened if this ended up just being a film about kids making a zombie movie. Clearly, it would have resolved itself much differently, but that was the part of Super 8 that I most cared about.

Super 8 - \m/ \m/ \m/
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