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ExpDelTop100 #16 - The Lord of the Rings

I'd started the Forrest Gump write up by saying it was the last AFI crossover, until I realized that it was directly below Lord of the Rings. Granted, the AFI list only considers FOTR. For my list, Im considering the trilogy as a unit. Im only watching one (I chose ROTK since I saw FOTR for AFI) but it really is one long continuous story, not three separate pieces.

Likely keeping this short because I already wrote it up, and Im sure you can only handle so many gushing reviews from me. And if my day goes according to plan, you can expect a couple more blog posts from me in the next few hours.

It's hard to believe that we're already reaching ten years since FOTK was released. Those movies were such a huge deal for me, and I remember just being saturated in all things LOTR. Im kinda expecting something similar when Hunger Games starts being released.
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