ExpletiveDleted (expletivedleted) wrote,

ExpDelTop100 #15 - Heathers

I've said that I like my dramas messed up, and my comedies offensive. Here's a comedy that's messed up, as dark as it can get, with dialogue as memorable and quotable as ever ("\m/ me gently with a chainsaw"). I'll let the trailer give you an idea. It's basically Mean Girls with a body count.

I am sooooo in love with Christian Slater in this movie. He is absolutely gorgeous here, not to mention charming and clever, and totally batshit insane.

I feel like I should be going on and on and on about this, but I really dont know how much else there is to say. It's just one of the most brilliant hilarious and truly effed screenplays of all time. Perfect for me! Im kinda glad that Hollywood prolly wouldnt be able to get away with this sorta stuff today so that it doesnt get \m/ with like so many of the other classic 80's flicks we love.
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