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ExpDelTop100 #5 - Angus

Hello all! I have returned from vacation, and Im ready to wrap this mother up! I did do quite a bit of movie watching over the past week, so I'm simultaneously writing a recap entry. But first things \m/ last (id that quote!)

Number five is Angus, a movie that is very special to me for so many reasons. I've actually bonded with some of my dearest friends over it. Its a quirky, not too well known film, with a lot of heart. And it's one that I really identify with. We're gonna continue the outcast theme that is prevalent throughout a lot of my choices.

Angus is one of those misfit high schooler stories. Our title character is "the fat kid". His only friend in the world is "the scrawny geek", Troy. He's in love with "the pretty cheerleader", Melissa. The enemy is "the hot quarterback", Rick (played by James van der Beek). It sounds typical so far, but it's anything but. As a practical joke Angus and Melissa are chosen as king and queen for the school dance, and Angus has a month to figure out what he's gonna do about it.

Holy \m/ that's Kevin Connelly (Entourage)! I never realized he was in this!

I first stumbled upon this movie back in high school. At this point, I knew I was different and didnt fit in, but I hadn't quite found my place (read: I hadn't yet discovered punk rock). The biggest lesson Angus learns is "there is no normal". I took that to heart and embraced my weirdness.

The swearing is catching me off guard. For the longest time, all I had was my recorded-off-TBS VHS copy of this film. Nice to hear the dialogue as written for once.

What's so great about the movie are the characters. I absolutely love Angus and Troy. Angus is one smart kid with a lot heart and willpower. As he narrates the story, you can't help but root for him and just love him. Troy is the quirky and funny one, who has a smart ass quip for everything.

Also, this movie gets mega bonus points for featuring Green Day in its soundtrack--to the point where their J.A.R. is a key part of a subplot.
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