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Killer Elite

The official reason for delaying the Killer Elite write up is that yesterday I had to scramble to clean the Cave of Wonders for its first movie night (for the record, we watched SLC Punk, Heathers, and The Faculty). Unofficially, I just didnt have much to say about it. I still dont, really.

I saw a snippet of a review that said something to the effect that Killer Elite wasn't good, despite the presence of Robert De Niro, and they seemed rather (unpleasantly) surprised by that. Clearly, this person hasn't done their homework. Everybody's Fine, Stone, Little Fockers, Righteous Kill. All examples of unfortunately bad movies featuring Mr De Niro. Sorry, Bobby, but you've long since lost your street cred as far as being reason enough for seeing a movie, at least as far as recent ones go.

For me, going to Killer Elite was all about Jason Statham. I dont know how many times I can repeat myself that I am an action junkie and Statham is my go to action guy. Sadly, however, the action in this film was waaaay minimal. The trailers had this really cool action sequence where he flips over in a chair and gets out of being captured. It looked awesome, and I was expecting lots more of that. Turns out, that was about the extent of the action sequence. Except for one other little fight, that was it.

The rest of the movie was so \m/ slow. I'll admit, part of the boredom was my fault. I made the conscious choice early on that I wasn't gonna pay too much attention to the details of the plot. Action movies often go better that way. Or at least, they do if there's action between plot details. Not so much if its all just plot details over and over. I'll also admit that I dont know if I was bored just because I expected action, or if it really was the movie itself.

Okay, I got a hungry kitty yeowling at me and really I can't think of much else to say about this one. Sad face.

Killer Elite - \m/ \n
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Jan. 2nd, 2015 07:09 am (UTC)
Fans of Jason Statham will no doubt have some fun with Killer Elite and there’s one show-stopping moment in the first Statham/Owen brawl that will certainly get a reaction from audiences, but for anyone looking for either an over-the-top action flick or a smart-witted political thriller, the film fails to live up to the sum of its respective parts. W
Jan. 2nd, 2015 01:13 pm (UTC)
Oh man, I totally forgot this movie existed, that's how little of an impression it made on me. Even reading back thru this post and it's IMDB page, nothing is coming back to me
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