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expletivedleted's Journal

25 February
QA engineer by day, movie afficionado by night! No, thats not quite right. Im a movie afficionado all day...

Movie Afficionado disguised as a tech suport engineer!! No, not exactly hiding it either...

Movie Afficionado with a day job!!! Yes, thats it. My name is Dawn, I live in LA, and I spend all my free time watching movies. The short short version of my life story: I grew up in Texas. Moved to Boston for school. Graduated from MIT in '07. Then moved to LA. Now Im working as a QA engineer to pay the rent, but my real passion is film. I'd been interweaving movie reviews with my personal blog for the past few years, until eventually the movie blog took over. So I figured I should start over and step it up a level.

Here's the closet thing I got to a mission statement: If you've been reading, you'll notice that this isnt your typical style of movie review for two reasons. 1) I favor entertainment value over quality. Anyone who's ever enjoyed a bad movie (think Plan 9) will know that the two are not necessarily proportional. B) I dont feel that critics should be considered the ultimate authority on what movies you should see. Just because a movie gets high marks doesnt mean that everyone will enjoy it. Likewise, if a movie gets panned it doesnt mean no one should ever see it. I guess keeping the reviews personal is my way of reminding you that what I say is just my opinion. Take it with a grain of salt, and dont hold it against me if you disagree. I never claimed to be an authority here.


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